Managing multiple email and CRM accounts from a single gmail UI

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I am not sure if this is possible, although I am sure I am not the only one with this need. 


I manage multiple email accounts using a single gmail UI. The different email addesses are all set to autofwd to my gmail address so that I get all my email in one place. 


Gmail has an option to reply using the account the email came in via. Meaning I can reply with the email address that the sender used to reach me.


For example my gmail address is xxx@gmail to com I also have and as email addresses. They all fwd to Filters seperate the emails into seperate folders inside my gmail, in a way creating an inbox for each email address. If I reply to an email sent to it goes out as being from even though I am sending it from my account.


I have a CRM for each email account and I would like to be able to log email for each email account in the CRM. But Hubspot seems to be able to only link one CRM account to one gmail account, ie the gmail extension is linkd to logs and tracks only one email account in my gmail.


Is there a way I can switch between CRM accounts inside my gmail so that the right emails get logged to the right CRM?

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Hi @Robmobius


There is the option within gmail to switch which CRM you're inbox is logging to. My only concern here is that if the Gmail inbox is the same for each folder (as it is the forwarding addresS), changing this setting may not be effective, however it is worth looking into.


Additionally, you can manually input the bcc address associated with each CRM when you are sending and responding to emails and ensure that the bcc address is associated with the proper portal.


Take a look at this setting and let me know if this works for you: 


gmail settings.png


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I have a similar problem. I use one gmail email, but I want to handle more than one crm accounts with this email. Is that possible?


So I log in with my gmail email and then I´d like to switch between different crms for different projects I work on with different people. Like trello or slack...


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I have the same issue and just using the Bcc isn't a good solution since it does not include the tracking pixel and therefore does not track opens.