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Leads are created with dates thrown on the end, in this format "2024-02"

Hey there,


Our organization has recently launched with the new 'Leads', and we are really liking it.


One thing that we are confused about, why does every lead name have a date on the end of it? 


When a lead is created, the name is soemthing like this: Jenny Wilson 2024-02


We would love to not have this as it is very annoying - please advise!



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Leads are created with dates thrown on the end, in this format "2024-02"

Hi @spercival1

Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm happy to hear that you like the Leads tool. 


I can confirm that the naming format with the appended date is working as designed for leads that are created via automation ("Create a lead based on lifecycle stage" setting). This automation currently cannot be changed; our product team has, however, added automated lead name customization to their roadmap. Thank you for your understanding as our team works on improvements to the Leads tool. 


If Leads are created manually, they can be named whatever you would like. You can also manually update the name of a Lead that has been created automatically by editing the "Lead name" property: 



I hope this helps! 


Mia, Community team 


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