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Importing Products

I'm new and really struggling and still not sure if this is the right solution for me! I have a Counseling ministry. I have an assessment that I charge my cost for and then I turn around usually a week later and pay that back out. Beyond that I tell people what an appropriate donation would be based on their income then leave it alone. I have a few people though that will go several sessions and then ask what they"owe".  So I have to track what all comes in and goes back out, not just for bookeeping, but I don't pay rent for my office but pay out 10% in tithe. I also use my "main" page to track atendance and finances from month to month and week to week. I currently do all this in Excel. But, I have to enter the data twice and sometimes forget to put it on their personal sheel in the workbook. So, I thought this might save me some effort. I found a template to Import products and used it to enter every donation amount that I recommend and named them all. Now I want to Import it, but I can't figure out how. It's not a a deal, contact, company, or ticket.


What am I missing?

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Importing Products



Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some subject mater experts to see if they have any suggestions.

Hi @willsmith @JonPayne @AdamLPW, would you be able to share your thoughts with @GIFT?




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