Import Leads via email?

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Via a 3rd party, I am receiving leads to a dedicated leads email address. (


Is there anyone here that has experience in automatically capturing data from that email and storing/creating that data in HubSpot without any or little as possible manual interaction.


Alternatively, is there another way to do things?


We are in life insurance and capturing / storing leads details automatically is of significant value. Appreciate any feedback.



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Kia ora @LifeCovered 


Can you get your leads forwarded to your HubSpot Portal's BCC Email address (something like where 123456 is your Portal ID)?


Alternately you could Forward the email and it will be added to HubSpot.


Or, you could set up your HubSpot Conversations Inbox to use


It will depend on how the lead appears in the email.


Let me know if you want to jump on the phone to discuss.



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I'm assuming that when you say the lead data is coming in an email, the information is coming in the body of the email, rather than the email coming from the lead themselves, in which case I'm not sure if the BBC system would work (additionally, that would mean the email would have to come from an address of a registered HubSpot user in order for the details to be logged)


I've done similar before using APIs where email comes in, we check for it via SMTP, pull out the relevant data fields (assuming it's always in the same format) and then push it into HubSpot. You can do reasonably easily without the need for coding an API solution using Zapier with gmail, their built-in email parser and the HubSpot connector (you would however, need a paid Zapier account I think as it'd require more than one action step).

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@kaious that's gold!