I can't get needed Support from HubSpot, AMA


I subscribed and paid for HubSpot for something like a year, and then sold and transferred the account to a new owner, who now pays Hubspot.  Pretty good situation, I think.


Except it looks like there's a bug and I can not remove myself as a user of the organization that I no longer have access to.


So I get these emails about something I don't care about at all, and even when I log in, I can't get to the preferences page to remove myself.


What's amazing is Hubspot has compeltely disabled support@hubspot.com and help@hubspot.com. These emails bounce now. Or at least they do from my address.


Can I  please get someone from hubspot to look into my specific situation?


The Hub ID I'm trying to dissociate from is XXX


The email address I'm trying to get removed from that account is the one attached to this forum username.


Finally, I'm frustrated to Hubspot does not have a contact us form or email address. I have less kind words to say about hubspot but I will leave it at that.

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Community Manager

Hello @mindset,


 I would like to apologize for the frustrations, and the business impact this has caused.
I was not able to identify a Technical Support ticket associated with your email, do you have a ticket number you can send me via private message so I can continue investigating more about it? 

In order to get help with HubSpot Technical Support, you will need to open a ticket inside your account, (More information here), but if you do not have access anymore to a paid subscription, the help option won't be available and our Community will be the best resource. 


I was able to check that your user still added to the account, with that being said would be expected to receive any notification since there still an association in place.

Since there is another Superadmin in your account activated, he will be able to remove your user following these steps here.


After that when a user's access is removed from a HubSpot account, the user cannot access it. However, the user associated with the email address will continue to exist

Could you please follow the steps on this article here, after your user is removed from the account, and you should be all set after to not get any more notifications about it.


I hope this information helps.



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