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If we had our blog running on Hubspot how would that affect the SEO of our main site? Good and bad.

Also, is there a way to avoid skewing bounce and exit rates on our main site with traffic jumping between the main site and subdomain?

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Hi @richeor,


Honestly, you may hear varying opinions on the SEO aspect of hosting the blog on HubSpot. From what we've seen from experience from both our own website and our client websites, moving the blogs to HubSpot was very beneficial. We saw significant increases in traffic that mostly correlate with the move. Obviously this wasn't day one and probably not the only factor, but in general, we recommend it. 


If you do move it, just remember to use appropriate 301 redirects.


As far as the bounce rate issue. check out this article on the Moz blog.


I'd be happy to talk through this more with you as well...just book a time if you're interested.



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Having your blog on a different site or subdomain or is not as ideal as having the blog on your main website in a subdirectory. We have had experience with multiple setups and having the blog on the main domain is definitely ideal. Having said that, if the choice is to have a blog on a different site vs no blog at all then you should go with the blog.


If at all possible I would recommend having your site and your blog hosted on HubSpot. My experience is that we have seen a marked improvement in SEO just by moving a site from other hosting setups to HubSpot. 


You can get more details from our SEO Survival Guide.


Regarding bounce and exit rates across domains, there is a way to set up cross-domain tracking with Google Analytics as well as with HubSpot.

- Google Analytics

- HubSpot