HubSpot can't locate the primary email account for user


I'm getting an error message that says..."HubSpot can't locate the primary email account for user..."


but the very strange thing is that the email address showing in the error message is not my email - it is the email of another user at my company. I went to account settings and made 100% sure I'm logged in correctly as my own 'christian@...' and not the other email. I do have my gmail integrated and have been sending emails from HubSpot for the past week without any issue.


I've tried logging out and back in again, but keep getting this same screen. Any advice?




Jorge Flores 2019-01-15 20-39-58.png

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Community Manager

Hi @ChristianWa,


Are you still experiencing this issue? 


If you navigate to your settings>integrations>email integrations>what inboxes do you see connected in that section? Yours or your coworkers? If it is not yours, I would recommend disconnecting and starting over with connecting your inbox.



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