How to turn off automatic reminder when checking "create a task to follow up" box?


I understand how to turn off email reminders entirely, but am looking for a way to be more selective about it. 


Currently, if I log activity and check the "create a task to follow up in X business days", it automatically creates a reminder for the associated follow up task (no way to remove the email reminder, all you can do is adjust the date/time). 


Is there a way to remove that reminder entirely? I still want the funcationality to have email reminders, I just want to be more selective so I'm not getting bombarded with 90 emails every morning for follow up tasks. 

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Hi @SoarDevelopment,


I think what you are looking to customize would be done under the "reminder" notifications, which can be altered by following the steps outlined here. This resource walks through how to customize many of the notifications, however if you are still stuck after that, please let me know.


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Hi, can anyone help with this? The automatic task reminder seems to have been removed so I now have to manually set a date for a reminder on every task whereas before the reminder was automatically sent for the date of the task.