How to hide a property for some user

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Hi everybody, 


Sorry if the question already been asked, I've checked but I found nothing. 


I customized property for my contacts, to use it after in an Excel retraitment. To simplify everything, I've added a property "margin" right after the amount of sales etc. 


But, I would like to hide this property for people in my company. In fact, for the "margin" property, only founders will fill it, in order to have all informations about the sale in the Excel retraitment. 


Do you knox how to do this ? Is it possible ? 


Thx everybody, 

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While you can remove almost any property from the default views that your users will see in HubSpot, it is not possible at this time to individually configure the permissions for property to set who can see them vs. who can not. 


This might be a new idea, in which case I suggest you post it in the ideas forum. 


Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your answer Phil, I send it to the ideas forum. VG