How to associate new contacts to existing companies?


Hi Community,


So we had a need to import a number of contacts into HubSpot. The companies associated with these contacts already exist in the CRM. I went ahead and did the import but HubSpot re-created existing Companies such that now we have some serious duplication of Companies records. I have no idea how to correct this, delete and start over? What is the right way to import contacts and ensure HubSpot assigns them to an existing company rather than creating a new company record for each contact? I hope my questions make sense.

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HubSpot Employee

hi @susilovati_cds 

Here are a few things to note in relation to the issue you're facing:


- When a new company is added through import, HubSpot looks at the Company domain name property value to deduplicate companies. If a company with the same company domain name already exists in your account, the new company information will be added to the existing company record.

If you do not include this property in your import, each row of your import file will be imported as a new company record.

- When importing contacts associated with other objects, you should follow this guide here, where you can use an Object ID to dedup the companies.

- If you don't want to go over the process again, you can simply manually merge your company records that were duplicated (guide here) *This is subject to the plan your have


Let me know if that helps