How can I export all data from the another CRM?

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Hi there!


I'm using Salesmate CRM and now I want to switch to HubSpot CRM. Now I want to export all data and import to Hubspot.

Is it possible to import notes, emails (letters) to HubSpot? 


Thank you

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Hi @Brazhnykova2018


You need to use the HubSpot API to import notes, emails, and other timeline data. I recommend talking to @ashley_milne or @Nataliia about whether they support Salesmate migrations. 


Hope this helps.

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@Phil_Vallender Thanks for looping me in!


@Brazhnykova2018 While we don't have support for Salesmate with our full service migration option, you can still get the data into HubSpot by:


1. Exporting your Salesmate records into CSV (guide here on how to do that for deals, contacts, companies, & activities:

2. Sign up for a free Import2 Wizard account here (we are certified connect partner for HubSpot):

3. Upload your CSV files using the Wizard to get the data into HubSpot. This includes the activities CSV you obtain from Salesmate, so you can add the activities (emails, notes, etc.) direct onto the timeline of your records in HubSpot


Let me know if you have any questions or need help with your 1st one!



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Q: Can we import notes into HubSpot contact records?


Short A: Yes.


Longer A:

Beginning in December, the ability to import notes into HubSpot is now built-in fuctionality.

- see Everything You Need to Know About the New HubSpot Import

14-Dec-2018: HubSpot Import Notes14-Dec-2018: HubSpot Import Notes 

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