Gravity Forms and HubSpot - creating a new contact

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Hi I'm working on a website that uses the gravity forms plugin to integrate with HubSpot, and all submissions are passing through no problem.

We have disabled cookie tracking both on Gravity forms and HubSpot forms, but the forms are still updating contacts instead of creating new ones in HubSpot. The issue doesn't happen if we just used the HubSpot form directly, but it does if you use the integration.


Any ideas on how to fix the issue?

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Hi @StephPF,


Do you mind sharing a link to the page where the form is? Additionally, can you share screenshots of what you are seeing in HubSpot for the contact being overwritten? 


I also wanted to share this resource which discusses a similar scenario.  


Thank you,

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Thank you very much @jennysowyrda for the reply. I did see that previous thread, but that was talking about lead flows, where I believe the cookies can't be disabled, whereas for a normal form they can be.
The interesting thing is that if I just use the HubSpot form in a HubSpot page, the contacts don't get overwritten, it just happens within the integration with Gravity forms in Wordpress (even though in Gravity forms I also disabled the cookies).


I am unsure on how to take a screenshot of how the contacts are overwritten. In the form submissions I can see for instance 2 separate contacts, but if I click on both of them, I get to the same contact, meaning that the second submission, instead of creating a new contact, has updated the previous contact with the new information, which would be normal practice if cookies were enables, but shouldn't happen if they are disabled.

I am unsure on whether I can share the exact page the form is on as it's for a client of ours as opposed to ourselves, but since I posted this I actually stumbled across some articles around cookies and gravity forms:


And it looks like it may be more a problem of Gravity forms not really unabling the cookies rather than HubSpot. I haven't tried yet, but will try and report back for the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon this post.