Filter out last contacted



I like to know what Activities is included in this filter. I like to filter out the following 

1. Sent e-mail to a contact 

2. Logged a phonecall with a contact. 

3. Had a meeting with a contact. 

4. Made a note on a contact. 


I dont like to see any other Activities,not see set a takt ect. 

This I need to to on all my Subscribers , Leads and MQL. 


Is this possible or do I need to make many diffrent filters?


Any clarification is most appreciated




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Community Manager

Hi @dennisfjalestad,


Are you wondering what the last contacted contact property represents? If so, you can find that outlined here as "the last time a call, sales email, or meeting was logged for a contact. This is set automatically by HubSpot based on user actions in the contact record."


Or are you looking for a date filter that would show each of the last time that an email, call, meeting or note was logged? If this is your end goal, I would recommend creating custom properties for this information.


Thank you,