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I tryed to set up the email and have done all the process. The email isn't gamail or outlook. After setting up, when trying to go to the conversation /email page withing Hubtspot it comes out an error with the following ID : e13ab86ea19045c584a772b75d9e529b

Would someone help me?

Thanks a lot 


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Hi @comercialEL,


If you are still looking for assistance in getting your inbox connected can you please share more information including: 


1. What type of inbox are you trying to connect?

2. Screenshots of where you are getting stuck

3. Does the issue occur across multiple browsers and through an incognito window? 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist! 


Thank you,

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Hey, I dont know if you have sorted out by now.

If you haven't:


1- If you use Outlook Exchange, ask the Hubspot team to set your account on beta so that you have access to the easy integration interface. Once you have this in place, click on exchange and enter:

>your email address
>your login
>your username
>your Exchange server name (given by your email provider in settings, mail, accounts, POP and IMAP)
2- If you use another email provider, choose Other mail account (when prompted to choose between Gmail, Office 365, Exchange and Other email account)
Click continue and then advanced options.
You will then need to find the information as given by your email provider in settings:
Incoming Mail (IMAP): server and port
Outgoing Mail (SMTP)