Did you get an email about your account being slated for deactivation? Read more here!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
As part of our ongoing effort to clear up unused & unnecessary data for GDPR, we're going to start deactivating free hubs that have been inactive for 180 days. When your hub has been inactive for 120 days, we'll send you a polite 30-day-final-countdown email to let you know that if you want to rescue the hub from deactivation, you can log into it which will reactivate it and remove it from the deactivation schedule.
So, if you received one of these emails it means that your hub has been inactive for at least 120 days already (meaning that no one has logged into it, or logged activity in it from a HubSpot extension or other resource). The email includes the name, products, & ID of the Hub that we're going to be deactivating so you can be sure not to confuse it with one of the other Hubs you might have and be using every day. Again, if you do want to keep it around you can just click the link in the email to log into it or access it from your Accounts Dashboard to take it off our deactivation list/schedule.
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