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Hi Team,

we have a Contact classifcation challenge that we are trying to solve...

We have are  aPainting Company and do work for Strata/Property Managers. each Building has the followinf contacts

Strata Plan number (cannot change)

Address (cannot change, however there can be multiple jobs, other clients, unit owners who become clients at the same address)

Management Company (can change)

Strata Manager (can change)

Committee Member (can change)

Site Contact (can change)

Building manager (can change)


The SP number is the consistent, the challenege that we have is that when one of the other Key contacts changes, all communications gets moved along with that Contact.


The SP needs to define where the communiucation stays.


anyone have advice for us??


Many thansk




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Hi @aaronpaint,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some thoughtleaders to see if they have some suggestions.

Hi @mike-ward @Tnichs @aturrell @warrendavey, do you have any thoughts on this?




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