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Changing email address on behalf of user

I don't think there's a way for admin to change a user's email address on their behalf. However the user can't do it themselves as their username is an old domain we no longer have access to, and since the account has been used for a while it's immediately prompting them to change their password on login, which is sending a confirmation email they can't access. We are only on the free service, so presumably customer support isn't available to make the changes?

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Changing email address on behalf of user

Hi @benphillips ,


Thanks for reaching out to the HubSpot Community.

Yes, you are correct- user's email address can only be changed by themselves and not by any other users including HubSpotters. (Here's knowledge base article for your reference)

Therefore, if your colleague can't access the original inbox, I'd recommend creating a new user with their new email address.