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Change of email address of HubSpot account owner

Greetings beloved community, 


I'm in a massive pickle and hope one of yous can help me out since I'm going in circles 😣



Reason why I signed up for free HubSpot was for our company to test the Jira integration. Which works like a charm and I'm loving it!!!



When I signed up I used our "support" email which was set up as a Google Group and I was a member of this Group with my personal email "nina".


I then set up the Jira integration which used my personal email since I'm an user in Jira and not the Google Grup "support".


But yesterday the company decided to make "support" a stand alone email account. This is great but now I have the following problems:


In HubSpot under Profile & Preferences it shows the "support" email but I cannot change it to my personal email "nina" since it tells me I'm already a user. But I also can't add the now standalone "support" account again as a user since it's already a user associated with those email addresses in HubSpot.


The main issue is for me right now is with receiving emails in HubSpot. I have set up the "support" email as a channel as shared inbox and receive emails without any issues.

However, the personal email "nina" which I have connected is not receiving any emails and this is where I'm stuck. 


What I'm trying to achieve/what I need:

- Sign up for the free HubSpot account using my personal email "nina" and connect my personal email to receive emails in HubSpot

- Set up the Jira integration using my personal email "nina"

- Either invite "support" as user or simply just set up this email account as a channel and make it a shared inbox in HubSpot



If I were to delete the HubSpot Account all together could I then sign up again using first my personal email and then invite support as a user?

If I were to change the email address under General - Settings - Security to let's say a private email of mine, could I then remove the personal email "nina" and re-invite as a user?

Is there any other way how to get me out of this pickle?


FYI - I'm a super admin (even tho it doesn't feel like it right now lolz)


Thanks a mil for your input and let me know if anything needs clarification.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Change of email address of HubSpot account owner

Hi @Ninalein 


Thank you for reaching out and thank you for all the details! This will help us troubleshoot to solve this quicker with you 🙂  And apologies for the delay due to the HubSpot Week of Rest here! 


Let me try to summarise all of this to make sure I have understood correctly : 

- I understand you have 2 users in your account : the support one and the nina/personal one (or do you have only the support one? You can find all the users in your account by going to Settings > Users and Teams)

- The main issue is that you are not receiving emails in HubSpot for the nina/personal email 


* If you only have one "support" user in your account : 

- I'd advise creating a new user with your nina/personal email, you can follow these steps for this. Don't forget to give Super Admin right to this user as well.

- Then, you can either keep the support user or delete it - in that case, it's really important you do not forget to give Super Admin permission to the new nina/personal email first otherwise your account won't have any Super Admin anymore. 

- You can then install the JIRA integration again with the new user. 


* To receive emails with both support and nina/personal emails

set up the "support" email as a channel as shared inbox, you can do that with your personal/nina user without any issue 

- For your personal/nina user email connection with HubSpot you can either: 

a. connect it as a shared inbox as well. However, keep in mind that as a free user you only have access to one HubSpot Conversations inbox, so inbound emails for both the nina/personal and support inboxes will get to the same inbox in HubSpot 

b. connect is as a personal inbox following these steps. In this case, inbound emails won't automatically be logged into HubSpot, however you can install the HubSpot Sales extension or add-in from where you can access track/log capabilities + sales tools directly from your personal inbox. You can also manually log inbound emails to HubSpot via the forwarding address if you're interested in that. 


I really hope that helps but please let me know if I can clarify anything further !




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