Cannot Edit Cookie Policy as Admin ["To edit these settings, you must be an authorized user"]

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Cannot make any changes to the Cookie Policy even though I am an Admin (although not a Super Admin) is this an error, or do I need to be a Super Admin to make changes to the Cookie Policy?


Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.25.01 am.png

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I will suggest you contact support.

This might be a bug in your instance.

Best of Luck!

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HI @crisph,


I would recommend clearing your cache and cookies, as well as confirming the issue occurs across multiple browsers and through an incognito window.


Additionally, I would confirm you are logged in through the proper user and that your permissions did not get changed.


Thank you,

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We've never seen a setting to adjust Admin permissions for Report settings (e.g., Cookie Policy). Does such a restriction for Admins exist and if so, where would it be set?


Thanks in advance.


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Hope that helps.



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Hi Jenny, 


Unfortunately, it occurs on Safari and Chrome [using Incognito also].


I am logged into the correct account and under basic info I am still listed as an Admin.


What do you suggest?




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SOLUTION: I needed to be a Super Admin as I suspected. Thankyou everyone for your replies.