Can't switch to new dashboard navigation


Returning Hubspot user after being away for a while.


While working through some challenges finding the document management screen, I learned the Hub's navigation has changed, however, I cannot find where to change my old navigation for the new one. For example, I do not have the sales option.


I found an article that mentioned the navigation change and how an option should appear below the profile picture asking if you want to change tot he new navigation. That is not appearing, and I cannot find where to make that switch.


Can someone help me locate the method to update my hub to the new navigation?

Currently, this is what I have (which is outdated)



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Hi @DavidBarbella,


Your screenshot appears to be the newest navigation.  My assumption is that either A) your sales account is associated with a different HUB ID, or B) your user settings does not have access to admin would have to adjust that.


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Hey Josh,

Thanks for the reply.


Only 1 account/ID, and I'm the only one on it (setup as super admin).

That's where I found it puzzling to not tracking down the trigger to update the nav.


I do have access the features.

For example, if I manually put<useriD> then I get to the sales document management page and can work with it. It's just that the hubs navigation is missing the Sales options (but the capability is enabled).


I came across this post about the navigation changing in November:


Although just coming back into Hubspot this month from a hiatus...  I do not get the option switch to the new nav.


I wonder if there is an option that I just can't find, that lets me switch.

I assume my account type is fine, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to utilize the sales features when manually putting its URL into the browser.


I'm sure I'm missing something simple 🙂



Just giving a bump to see if any other ideas come to mind.

I have super admin access and can access the sales based pages by manually typing in the URL (thanks to those who've shared the url's, I just need to swap the userID in the URL string).


If might just be a matter of setting an admin setting, where might I find it (I've searched multiple times)?