Activity Feed help needed. My users can only see HubSpot's 'samples' in the Activity Feed.


The members of my team cannot see any prospect notifications in the Activity Feed tab. (This question is not related to the "blur" after we hit our max free monthly limit on notifications. I understand that. This is a completely different question.)


My users can only see the three HubSpot "samples" that are in there. We've been using HubSpot for well over a year, and we have a lot of past activities that should be accessible to them. They all have the same extensive administrative rights to Service, Contacts, Account, Reports, and Marketing. They should be able to access the same data as I do as the Primary Account Contact and Super User. 


What setting do I need to change so that my team can view all the information under Activity Feed?

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Thank you for this advice and answer. We will make some adjustments over the next few weeks to see if this resolves the issue.

Community Manager

Hi @LHuffman , thank you for your post.


Did your colleagues install the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension or the HubSpot Sales for Windows tray app ?

This is a necessary step for them to receive notificaions in the Activity Feed so could you please confirm this with them?


Another important thing to note is that the Activity Feed is user-specific, this means you will only be able to see your own sales activities. No one else can view this information, even account administrators. For this reason, your colleagues will not see the same activities as you do. They will only see the activities that are relevant to them, or where they are the contact owner, as per this list, and for any email activity where they have sent emails.


There is more information on how the activity feed works here: View your sales notifications in the activity feed 


Let me know if this clarifies your concern!