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I noticed that the API limit for a free CRM account is 250,000 per day.


Could you please let us know how this number is calculated (e.g., number contacts, items, etc.)?



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Hi @howardmarxb,


I recently answered a question on our developer forum concerning how our API limits are calculated. If you want you can view this in more detail here.


In short if you are using the free CRM you have a daily limit of 250,000 calls per day. This means that regardless of how many contacts you have in your portal you have 250,000 calls to use however you wish. 


The way we determine how many calls are being used is via the method of authentication you are using.


1) HAPI Key

If you are using the HAPI key associated with your specific portal then each request made to our APIs counts towards your limit. More information on where to find your HAPI key can be found here.


2) oAuth

If you were using an access token obtained via oAuth then you do not have a daily limit and only adhere to the burst limit of 100 calls per 10 seconds. More information on oAuth and HubSpot can be found here. We also just released some academy videos that walk through how oAuth works with respect to HubSpot. You can access them here.



You have 100,000 contacts in a portal and you are using the "get all contacts" endpoint to retrieve all of the contacts in the portal. This endpoint will return 100 contacts per request (first request = 1 call). In order to retrieve the next set of contacts you must make another request using the "offset" parameter returned in the body. (another request = 1 call). All in all you would use 1000 calls to pull all contacts out of the portal.


I hope that this helps clear up any confusion and more than happy to answer and follow up questions you might have.