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    • Hey there, Jorie here! As an inbound professor, one question I get all the time is: “Once I have an inbound marketing strategy at my organization, what comes next?” The answer? You optimize! Because, it’s not enough to create a strong foundation on your team and for your business. Inbound is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. You need to constantly be re-learning and re-committing to your customers. That way ...続きを読む
    • Hi everybody! 📢 Have you heard? HubSpot Academy's World Certification Week is back for 2022 🌍 🌎 🌏 Over the next few weeks, we'll be hosting events, sharing content, and networking with you, our learners in the lead up to World Certification Week from May 9-13! Save your seat at our kickoff event on May 9th Register today Read on below to learn about the event and how you can get involved. ...続きを読む
    • 🎉 A Revenue Operations Certification! Where have you been all my life?! 🎉 If you’re in RevOps, or if you aspire to be, taking HubSpot Academy's newly launched Revenue Operations Certification Course will give you a solid foundation to build on. It’s full of actionable advice from HubSpot Academy professors and real-world RevOps professionals who will teach you what revenue operations is and everything you need to know to ...続きを読む


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JeffDTI 5月 24日, 2024
I am currently the sole Super Admin managing my company hubspot account. The rest of my team members are designated as operation users who utilize the platform for daily tasks. I seek clarification on seat requirements for "Starter Customer Platform 続きを読む
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DOchieng6 5月 24日, 2024
I am trying to join the hubspot super admin bootcamp from my mobile phone ... but this is what I'm seeing when I click the virtual event url ... what could be the issue ... since I had already registered for the event ... ? Should I try on a deskt 続きを読む
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AContreras3 5月 23日, 2024
Hello, I finished the Digital Marketing Certification and I tried to answer the exam but I got less points than I needed so I waited for 12 hours and I couldn't retake it, and I have tried to do it all day and it simply doesn't let me 😞 Please 続きを読む
Tiffany_Luk 5月 23日, 2024
- a rich snippet is a search result's visual enhancement as seen in SERP and so it seemed likely that any kind of company would have benefitted from the link of its brand website displaying such a type of result - if not every type of company woul 続きを読む
STomar0 5月 22日, 2024
While working at my previous organization I completed certifications in "Inbound Marketing" and "HubSpot Marketing Software". Unfortunately, I didn't download these certificates before leaving the organization and now I need them for proof. Is t 続きを読む
MVidić 5月 21日, 2024
I started two months ago in the hub spot digital marketing course and I currently have a bunch of questions related to taking the course and solving it tasks, so I'm sending you questions below. Namely, I don't know how to use the application and 続きを読む