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    • Hey there, Jorie here! As an inbound professor, one question I get all the time is: “Once I have an inbound marketing strategy at my organization, what comes next?” The answer? You optimize! Because, it’s not enough to create a strong foundation on your team and for your business. Inbound is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. You need to constantly be re-learning and re-committing to your customers. That way more
    • Hi everybody! 📢 Have you heard? HubSpot Academy's World Certification Week is back for 2022 🌍 🌎 🌏 Over the next few weeks, we'll be hosting events, sharing content, and networking with you, our learners in the lead up to World Certification Week from May 9-13! Save your seat at our kickoff event on May 9th Register today Read on below to learn about the event and how you can get involved. more
    • 🎉 A Revenue Operations Certification! Where have you been all my life?! 🎉 If you’re in RevOps, or if you aspire to be, taking HubSpot Academy's newly launched Revenue Operations Certification Course will give you a solid foundation to build on. It’s full of actionable advice from HubSpot Academy professors and real-world RevOps professionals who will teach you what revenue operations is and everything you need to know to more

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ATweedie on September 25, 2023
Hello! I just started working on the HUBSPOT REPORTING CERTIFICATION PRACTICUM and while I'm trying to use examples from my work, but we are in the early stages or reporting and therefore, I don't have great examples to share. Feeling kind of stuck read more
KMoser317 on September 25, 2023
Looking to transfer certs from an old email address that I don't have access to anymore to my new work email/Hubspot account.
Senal_Sapuvida on September 25, 2023
Hello. I was about to do the exam for email marketing, but the instant I clicked start exam, it said the exam is over and score is 0/60. I waited 12 hours again and tried again, but I didn't even get to answer any questions, because it said the exam read more
HubSpot Moderator
September 25, 2023
Thank you for posting, @Senal_Sapuvida ! Thank you for your inquiry. After these twelve hours have already elapsed, please make sure, more
THARIJAONA on September 22, 2023
Hello. Last night, I successfully passed my certification in Social Media Marketing II. I was able to download the certificate, but I can't seem to share it. When I click on "SHARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT," the page goes blank, and then it returns to the read more
Inbound Professor
September 22, 2023
Hi @THARIJAONA , hope you are well! Congratulations again on the obtention of your certificate 👏 As mentioned in the French post here , the more
Kpolans on September 21, 2023
Hi! Does anyone know if the contents of the Content Marketing course in HubSpot Academy have been updated since 2019/2020? That's when I finished the course and was thinking to do a refresher, but saw that at least quite a few of the resources under read more
HubSpot Moderator
September 21, 2023
Thanks for reaching out, @Kpolans ! I went through the course, and it doesn't look like there haven't been any updates made, so if you're more
VBakshi on September 21, 2023
I have completed the Lead Management With HubSpot course but could not get the certificate. I did not do the optional exercises only because it requires hubspot account upgradation and as i student i cant afford it. please provide me my certificate. read more
HubSpot Moderator
September 21, 2023
Thanks for posting here, @VBakshi ! At this time, the Lead Management with HubSpot is a course that doesn't provide a certificate. Hope this more