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what happened to the certification faq page at https://academy.hubspot.com/contextual-marketing-certification-faq?

I also need to know what happened to the certification expiration policy at https://academy.hubspot.com/certification-expiration-policy-and-badge-updates

both pages go to a 404

those links are referenced in other certification pages on hubspot, but how can I trust a certification from hubspot if key information doesn't exist?

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Academy Team

Hello @jjosserand , 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We updated our website recently and have migrated those pages to our new Academy Website. 


Our FAQ page is located here: https://academy.hubspot.com/certification-support


Included on that page is our expiration information which I have also included below: 

Inbound Marketing 25 months

HubSpot Marketing Software 13 months

HubSpot Contextual Marketing 13 months

Content Marketing 25 months

Email Marketing 25 months

Social Media 25 months

HubSpot Design 13 months

Growth-driven Design 25 months

Inbound 25 months

Inbound Sales 25 months

HubSpot Sales Software 13 months

Developing a Sales Plan 13 months

Sales Enablement 25 months

Selling Sales Services 13 months

Delivering Sales Services 13 months

Growth-Driven Design Agency 25 months

Agency Partner

(for HubSpot agency partners only) 25 months

Client Management 13 months

Delivering Client Success 13 months


I will get these pages updates as well.


Thank you,