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How can I trigger specific chatflow based on  URL string or JS call?


I have a normal chatflow that I want to run on every page of the domain. It's being triggered by the simple trigger: Website URL -> contains ->
I also have bot chatflow that I want to serve only to specific users (can't do it based on the list, etc.) on a specific page. I want to use it for some users that will need access to specific information or to be sent to a correct person. I have tried creating a trigger like Website URL -> is -> or Query Param but the one with live chat and triggered across the whole website always takes priority.

I need to have it this way as I'm running multiple domains with chatflows so trigger must be specific to the domain. 

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Hey @jozwiakdawid 


You can set conditional URL statements on the settings tab of a chatflow:


Chatflows - Google Chrome 2019-04-24 08.36.02.png

Which looks like you've done.  I think you might need to remove the general messaging bot or have the general messaging bot to not display on those more targeted pages as "isn't" statements.


Hope this helps!

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That would work if you could combine 2 statements together. Here you have only one option OR the other. If I set a chat to show if it's not specific page - it will get triggered on all domains and pages except that one.

If there owuld be AND option, instead of OR - that would work.

I have 5 different domains. Each domain has own chatflow triggered by Website URL >> contains >>
Now if I want something specific to run on while keeping normal chatflow on all other pages. If I use something like Website URL >> isn't >> that would make my specific page trigger to work, but would also apply the above rule to all other domains, making one chatflow apply to every domain and URL, except that one.