How to Get a Certification Without Paying?

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I was advised today to receive "free" HubSpot certifications, but alas I a, not granted access to the certification test unless I buy a professional membership. Is there really any free way to be certified?

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Hey @rebeccajian 


There are a few courses you will need to have a higher subscription (Starter, Pro or Enterprise) to be able to complete the exercises in HubSpot.


However, you can find here the free courses we have available.


I hope this helps.


Thank you


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While going through various certifications I got an offer for a 14 day free trial of the pro account. I immediately hopped from whichever cert I was working on to the Marketing Software certification and started that.


I don't know what triggered the offer. I've had a free Hubspot account for a little over a year, connected to my portfolio website. I'd recommend setting up the basic features of your Hubspot free account, then start going through the certifications, and see if the offer shows up.