Answering instagram messages

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I need to be able to respond to instagram messages via my Hubspot account.  Is this possible?

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Hey @LoveIbizaVillas 


At this time, HubSpot's integration with Instagram only allows users to manage/schedule social posts, so you will need to log in to your app natively to manage these replies.


I would recommend creating an idea in our ideas forum to ensure this feature request is seen by our product team.


Please let me know if you have any other question.


Thank you 


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Same here!


Great that FB Business Messenger integrates... and I can respond from there against two services, but on HubSpot, I can only manage half the services... 


Hope this gets resolved quickly.


ps. I did cvretae this request in the IDEA Forum:

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I agree, and it would be great if it could go one step further and host all comments and messages in a communal space or a place where questions can be sent to the right team members and answered by them. Kind of like a website chat but for instagram.