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At 4:20 in the Create Your Buyer Personas segment, it says you can use Hubspot lead intelligence to research things such as a customer clicking on Twitter links, but not Facebook links.


How would you be able to do that particular comparison? 


In the Hubspot article ( I don't see a mention of Facebook, or being able to see the source of website visits, nor do I see that information on my own contact timelines.

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Hey @Calliw would you mind copying/pasting or sharing a picture of this part of the Certification, just so the Community as full context in order to help you.


@coachcourt is this something you would be able to assist with?

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Hello @Calliw


I see what screenshot you are referring to in the Marketing Software Certification regarding Facebook and Twitter Information. 


The Facebook click information will live inside of the Contact Properties for your contacts. Twitter interactions will be able to populate on the Contact Record Timeline and Facebook clicks will leave as it's own property under Social Media Information. 


You can use both of these to compare and contrast Facebook and Twitter. 


I see how this can be unclear in this video and have taken this feedback down.


Thank you and please let me know if I can answer any additional questions.




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