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Hi there,

I paid yesterday to start as a pro partner, and i am at this tage clocking on eerything to get a good understan of the CRM system.. so far, I like it!


I am however wondering how I go about setting up my own tempates for emails that we will send out everytime we sell a 'deal' - I have this primarily to use as a selling tool for services/courses... and so every deal ever pledged will generate a confirmation of booking email tot he contact/campany linked to the deal... pleas help!


Thanks!  Layla.

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Hi @Layla


If you want an email to go out to your contact every time a deal is created, you will need to use a workflow for that. Since you say you have Marketing Pro, you should have access to workflows under the Contacts menu. 


HubSpot comes with some basic email template that you can use for this - if you want anything more designed, however, you will have to develop or buy those. You can get email templates in the HubSpot Marketplace. 


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply Phil Smiley Happy


I will attempt to make a start on these today. Thank you for your time!