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Hi! I just signed up for a designer account and am going through the academy videos for the design certification, but my Design Manager appears to be the beta version and none of the videos correlate.  Is there something I can do to use the non-beta version so that I can follow along?  Thanks!

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HI @meteorgirl As it turns out, the design course is being refreshed with the new Design Manager, but is still not ready for publication. Demand for design certification is strong, so we've left it published as is. All the tasks can be accomplished in the new design manager, so you can proceed with the certification. 


This public post from our designers blog walks through the basic features and functions of the new Design Manager. 


If you run into an issue or can't find something, please ping me with the details, and I'll do my best to guide you further. 


Thank you, 

Ed Justen

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Let me get this straight.  Designers are supposed to be certified using a design manager that is totally disconnect from the lessons?  With all due respect, that's f*cked messed up.