when submitting email via form, is the drip campaign based on the form "reset" for that email?


I have a form that creates leads with name and email. It appears that Hubspot does not check for duplicates when creating new submissions. If I have a drip campaign based on submissions from my form, would a drip campaign based on my form submissions be "reset" back to the beginning, causing someone who has already signed up to potentially re-receive the same series of emails?

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HubSpot Employee



While it's possible to submit the same information to a form multiple times, HubSpot will prevents duplicate contacts from being created from form submissions by deduplicating according to the Email field. 


If you're using HubSpot Workflows to set up a drip campaign, you can customize the enrollment settings of the workfllow to prevent contacts from being kicked back to the beginning of the workflow if they return to submit the same form a second time. 

More specifically, if you create a workflow and then set the enrollment triggers to "has filled out [FORM NAME]" and then turn off re-enrollment for that workflow, contacts will only be entered into the drip campaign on the first form submission. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this.