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vanilla hidden fields returned in object definition - can they become visible?

Hello community,

1. Im trying to understand whether there are cases when Properties that are created by HubSpot(not custom ones) can get a "hidden" attribute changed from true to false so that they would become visible to the users on UI? I though maybe once some add-on is purchased those fields can become visible, or in some other scenarios..


2. How can I understand where are these fields used in?


Several fields that have hidden=true on Company object, for example:

  • Business units (hs_all_assigned_business_unit_ids)
  • Deal Split Users (hs_all_deal_split_owner_ids)
  • Merged object IDs (hs_merged_object_ids)
  • User IDs of all notification followers
  • (hs_user_ids_of_all_notification_followers)
  • User IDs of all notification unfollowers (hs_user_ids_of_all_notification_unfollowers)
  • User IDs of all owners (hs_user_ids_of_all_owners)
  • All owner ids (hs_all_owner_ids)
  • All team ids (hs_all_team_ids)
  • All accessible team ids (hs_all_accessible_team_ids)


API Im referring to:



response with hidden attribute I'm referring to:

"updatedAt": "2022-05-27T22:49:32.226Z",
"createdAt": "2019-08-06T02:41:47.422Z",
"name": "closedate_timestamp_earliest_value_a2a17e6e",
"label": "closedate_timestamp_earliest_value_a2a17e6e",
"type": "datetime",
"fieldType": "text",
"description": "Calculation context property providing timestamp for rollup property closedate calculated as EARLIEST_VALUE via values of closedate on object type ObjectTypeId{legacyObjectType=CONTACT}",
"groupName": "companyinformation",
"options": [],
"displayOrder": -1,
"calculated": false,
"externalOptions": false,
"hasUniqueValue": false,
"hidden": true,
"hubspotDefined": true,
"modificationMetadata": {
"archivable": true,
"readOnlyDefinition": true,
"readOnlyValue": true
"formField": false




Thanks in advance


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vanilla hidden fields returned in object definition - can they become visible?

Thanks, @Jaycee_Lewis for tagging me. 


Hey @AMjasojedovs8,  

It appears that these hidden properties cannot be made visible like any other properties, as these are set by default from HubSpot.


You can't make any changes to these in general, visible or not (there are exceptions like for example the options within the Lead Status property). When you try to change the param hidden to false with the 


endpoint, you get this answer:

The Property 'hs_all_assigned_business_unit_ids' has a read-only definition, and can't be mutated. 


I think what  is referring to is that these properties, of course, have some use within HubSpot and therefore might be "visible" in one way or another. However, my guess is, you won't be able to see them under Settings > Properties if this is what you're wondering.   

I've noticed similar instances myself when creating a Deal-based single object report. You can find the properties referring to the time in a specific stage here, but you can't filter a list for example with the similar criteria.


One thought I have regarding the whole conversion, however, is: Why would you need to change the hidden param at all? What is the bigger picture you're trying to achieve? Apart from understanding the system better, which I totally get btw. 





vanilla hidden fields returned in object definition - can they become visible?

Hi Chriso!

We're integrating our App with HubSpot and having functionality where it is possible to map our App fields to the HubSpot properties so that the data is in sync between the systems.


So there are several scenarios I want to take care of, for example:

1. Some hidden HubSpot properties have externalOptions flag as "true". Since the external properties needs to be retrieved through the additional API call I am conducting a list of properties for which we would need to build such extra calls to get additional details like "display values". So the confusion is with hidden Id properties and some other properties like Pipeline(hs_pipeline), which exist and is hidden on Contact and Company objects, but is visible(and is documented) on Deals object.

2. if hidden flag can be changed false->true->false I need to consider fallback cases when mapped property becomes hidden.


Thansk for your answer it helps!


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vanilla hidden fields returned in object definition - can they become visible?

Hey, @AMjasojedovs8 👋 To confirm, there is not a single point of reference for all of these default hidden properties. You are correct that for some they are exposed in-app in places like filters, properties histories for a record, and reports for example. 


The best way to see what and where a property comes into use is to spin up an app test account from your Developer portal. App test accounts have most of the feature of an Enterprise level feature. This allows you to see the properties created after enabling Deal Splits.


For the business Unit related properties, I checked in my personal portal and once an object is associated to a Business Unit the property called Business Unit is created (hs_all_assigned_business_unit_ids)


The others are not exposed in-app or are used as part of reporting and analytics tools internally. Or via the API as you found. 


Hey, @Chriso-mwx, do you have any experience here?


Thank you! — Jaycee


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vanilla hidden fields returned in object definition - can they become visible?

Hi @Jaycee_Lewis ! Did I get it right that if property has flag hidden=true there is still a chance that the property is visible to the users in HubSpot(as you mentioned e.g. in filters, properties histories for a record, and reports). Or a property wont be visible to the users untill it becomes hidden=false (when user makes some "enablement" action like in your example with business units)

Thanks for the broad answer!