this facebook already connected to an inbox hubspot error


This Facebook already connected to an inbox hubspot error. i already delete from facebook integration and try reconnect but it's not working.hubspot.pngfacebook .png

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In order to look into details in this specific case I would advice you to create a support ticket. I'm not fully clear in you description of the issue but it looks like you are telling us that you cant connect a Facebook chat due to the account already being connected to HubSpot.


This could be related to access rights - but it might also be visible in the background (looks like its deleted but its still there - only hidden). And then some technical staff might need to actually remove it or come up with some other solution. I just guess this is not the first time this have happened for the support team and in this specific case I think that it would be better for someone to actually support you in your own account. 


You do need to be a HubSpot Starter customer to be able to email the support though. If you are not I think this will be a tricky one to solve unless someone else has any idea?


@IsaacTakushi I see that you solved this in an other account in this thread - do you think its the same issue now? I don't even know if you are still active in the board - so this is just a random shout out.


@Pipforex you can also try to follow this guide here:


I hope I did not starting an avalanche of involving people here 🙂


Have a great weekend folks!

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Thank you for your reply sir, 


We do everything what we can like reinstall, reconnect with Facebook etc. But did not get solution. When I chat with customer support team they told me your Facebook page is already connected with other HubSpot account. But, that account I already deleted then why so that integration is continued. Here I made new account with this email ( address and HubSpot ID is : 20085843 also Facebook page ID @PIPSFOREX78. Hope you will give your best solution and we connect with HubSpot.