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how to use an iframe to show an external webpage in my hubspot website

my company uses HubSpot for its website and another site (Mendix) to ask sign-up questions. I am looking to use an iframe to embed the Mendix URL into the HubSpot page, when I use an HTML iframe it says that my site cannot connect.


How can I achieve this? 

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Community Manager

how to use an iframe to show an external webpage in my hubspot website

Hi, @corinalopez 👋 Did you get this worked out?


One thing to check is whether the Mendix page allows itself to be displayed within an iframe from a different origin (your HubSpot site, in this case).


This is usually controlled by two things on the Mendix side:

  1. X-Frame-Options HTTP response header: If this is set to SAMEORIGIN or DENY, it will prevent the page from being displayed in an iframe on a different site.

  2. Content-Security-Policy HTTP response header: If this includes a frame-ancestors directive, it will specify which sites are allowed to embed the page within an iframe.

If either of these is preventing your iframe from working, you would need to coordinate with the administrators of the Mendix site to change these settings. I'd recommend reaching out to Mendix support team to verify this is possible using their tools. 


Additionally, it might be worth trying to load the iframe in different browsers. Some browsers have stricter security policies and may behave differently.


Finally, if you could share the specific error message you're encountering, it would be very helpful for further troubleshooting.





Jaycee Lewis

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