how I define redirecti uri for my Oauth flow if my domain changes dynamically?


I'm currently working on an integration with the HubSpot app and Oauth flow for a E-commerce platform, this platform changes its domain depending on the user logged so it could look like this where Michael changes depending on the user, how can I define the redirect URI to accept this?

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@rtabasca ,  I am not sure of a graceful way to handle this. What is the reason that you would need a redirect to a different domain anyway?  Could you redirect to your domain?  @himanshurauthan , do you have any ideas?



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Thank you @dennisedson for tagging me in. 🙂


Hi @rtabasca,


You can pass redirect_uri as your current URI in the authorization URL while initiating the OAuth.


More details here -


Hope this helps,


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