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featured_image not consistently posting a feature image

We have an api connection that allows users to post content to their hubspot blog. When I test it on our blog everything is fine. When a particular user posts to their account it seems to ignore the image completely. We are passing use_featured_image = true for some reason it is not including the feature image for this user.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

featured_image not consistently posting a feature image

Hi, @kgrondellcmx 👋 Sorry to hear you're having an issue. It's likely the community will need additional information to help you troubleshoot. 


A few questions to get us started:

  • Can the user successfully post a featured image manually, without using the API?
  • Can the user post a different image as the featured image using the API?
  • Does this issue occur for all blogs on the user's account or just one specific blog?
  • Are there any errors returned by the API when this issue occurs?

Thank you! — Jaycee


Jaycee Lewis

Developer Community Manager

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