eCommerce Bridge Shipment ID in a "Your order is shipped" email

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I'm hoping to get some guidance on getting the eCommerce Bridge Shipment ID to fire in a "Your order is on it's way" style email.


I'm fairly new to the email / API side of Hubspot so please be gentle. 


My understanding so far is the standard CRM Object field for the shipment ID isn't going to dynamically pull the infor from the deal.


Am I missing something, or is this not how the eCommerce Bridge works? We have the abandonded cart emails working pulling line items through (although I was not involved in that build).


Any help is appreciated.

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@louischausse , would you be able to lend a hand here?



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Do you want to send this as a marketing email or a transactional email ?

If you want a no-code solution, you can send an email from a deal workflow that will include the property "Shipment id" in the email as a token. This would require Marketing Hub Pro and above and the contacts that you want to send the email to would need to be set as a marketing contact if you are on that pricing model.

If you want a coded solution you will need the transactional email add-on and you'll need to get the Shipment ID from the Deal API before sending the email.

Let me know what you are looking for and I could give more guidance.


Don't forget to mark my reply as a solution if you are satisfied. If not, do not hesitate to ask me anything!

Louis Chaussé


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