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deal_to_contact association causes internal error

I'm trying to create a simple association between deal and contact record and I'm getting an internal error


Error: HTTP-Code: 0
Message: An error occurred.
Body: {"status":"error","message":"internal error","correlationId":"32ba1ffa-14fd-4e52-b0a9-e0441dac577f"}
I create the contact and the deal successfully, and I'm just associating 'em with the line
     let associationResult= await hubspotClient.crm.deals.associationsApi.create(dealId,'contacts',contactId,'deal_to_contact');
What's going on? 
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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

deal_to_contact association causes internal error

@zaklein , any chance you could lend a hand here 🙏