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changing the 'name' property

Hi, I've been asked by a client to change the 'name' property of a custom object. We reached out to the hubspot help people first - they advise this can only be done through the API.




I figured out how to change other properties via the api, but PATCH calls to change the 'name' are ignored.

This call changes the descripton of the object:


curl -X PATCH -H 'content-type: application/json' -H "Authorization: Bearer ${key}" "https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/properties/123456/batch_no_"d '{ "description": "new_description"}'


But a similar call to change the name:


curl -X PATCH -H 'content-type: application/json' -H "Authorization: Bearer ${key}" "https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/properties/123456/batch_no_"d '{ "name": "new_name"}'


One possible issue here is that the existing name is 'batch_no_' - i.e., I'm using the old name in the url.


We did ask for help, but apparently we can't get help for custom objects.

If anyone has any ideas, we'd be grateful.




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changing the 'name' property

Hey, @BCorbett 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Let's see if we can get you moving forward. 


You are looking to change the name of the custom object itself, correct? For example, I have a test custom object called Boats. But now I want to change it to Yachts. Is that similar to your goal? If not, can you clarify exactly what you are trying to modify? This helps the community better understand your exact issue and, hopefully, avoids sending you down a path you've already ruled out 😊


Have you tried making a call to the Update a schema endpoint? PATCH/crm/v3/schemas/{objectType}

This thread from @Josh is helpful as well — Change Custom Object status property name.


Thanks for the additional information! — Jaycee




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changing the 'name' property

Hi JayCee, thanks for looking at my question. Sorry I wasn't clear. Let me give more detail.


We have a custom object called VIN. The object has several properties. What I'm trying to acheive is to change the 'name' attribute of one of those properties.


Here's a view of (part of) one of the properties:


"updatedAt": "2023-01-25T02:04:46.882Z",
"createdAt": "2022-02-24T23:37:15.046Z",
"name": "batch_no_",
"label": "Batch_No",
"type": "string",
"fieldType": "text",
"description": "description",
"groupName": "vin_number_information",
"options": [],
"createdUserId": "123456",
"updatedUserId": "9876543",
"displayOrder": -1,
"calculated": false,
"externalOptions": false,
"archived": false,




Our client would like, if possible, to be able to change the 'name' attribute so it is no longer 'batch_no_'. I don't know what they want to change it to, right now we just need to know if it can be changed - and if so, how.


It may be that I should be looking at a change to the schema instead of to the properties, but all of this is quite new to me so I'm not sure which way to go.


I can easily change the value of the 'description' and 'label' attributes - but it doesn't work to change the 'name'


Again, thanks for looking at this, it is appreciated!