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GGiordano 12月 02日, 2023
Context: I have the following code inside a loop, that ends in writing data to a gsheet: try: # Fetch individual deal details using its ID individual_deal = api_client.crm.deals.basic_api.get_by_id(deal.id) properties_data = individual_deal.p 続きを読む
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MH1279 12月 01日, 2023
I was checking to see if it's possible to insert a python dataframe or visuals from python directly into a marketing email draft through the API
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JL2124 12月 01日, 2023
Hi, Im thinking about switching our wordpress forms over to Gravity forms because we have been having issues with Ninja forms and the Hubspot All-in-One Plugin. You can see my post below if anyone is interested in the problem we're having: 続きを読む
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参加者 | Solutions Partner
12月 01日, 2023 16:46
Hi @JL2124 You won't have any conflicts between Gravity Form's HubSpot Add-on and HubSpot plugin. However, you will want to make sure you ...続きを読む
naixs 12月 01日, 2023
I am trying to create an application and I need it to, in addition to creating a card when responding to the webhook, also previously generate or upload a file to the client's account. Is this possible? I'm using this documentation as a guide: http 続きを読む
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Accepted Solution
参加者 | Solutions Partner
12月 01日, 2023 16:51
If you need to upload a file you will need to use the Files API - you could connect this to an incoming webhook. For example: say you create a...続きを読む
PTewani 12月 01日, 2023
I want to submit form data via API. I want to uplod multiple file on the one field. How can i do that ? What i have tried ? { "submittedAt" : 1700722754114 , "fields" : [ { "objectTypeId" : "0-1" , "name" : "email 続きを読む
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12月 01日, 2023 08:55
WijnandWF 12月 01日, 2023
Hi there! We have an extensive integration with Hubspot and are looking to integrate the Livechat onto our customer-facing platform. We load the hubspot tracking code through our GTM. The live-chat is fully functional, however after any type of p 続きを読む
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SHogan1 12月 01日, 2023
Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the below and could offer some assistance. We have a salesforce campaign for each asset (webinar, guide, form) on our website. When someone completes a form submission the salesforce campaign 続きを読む
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12月 01日, 2023 11:27
Thank you!! It is the code issue where we want to connect the values in the 'Recent SF Campaign' field (which is from a form fill on our website) to ...続きを読む
dmydlarz 12月 01日, 2023
Hello! I've been playing with Hubspot via REST API. What I discovered is that between adding a record (let's say a contact) to my account via POST request, it's not immediately returned by the Search API. Most of the time it takes up to 5-1 続きを読む
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12月 01日, 2023 12:36
Hey, @dmydlarz 👋 Thanks for your question. To confirm, this is the expected behaviour when using the Search API and newly created records. The d...続きを読む
NWiseQ 12月 01日, 2023
Hi all! I have been trying to connect HubSpot and Canva but whenever I try this I get the error that this app needs to be updated. Does this mean that the HubSpot app needs to be updated within Canva? I have added a screenshot of the error. 続きを読む
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12月 01日, 2023 16:58
Hello @NWiseQ thank you for posting in our Community! I did some investigation here and it seems that Canva made some changes to their authe...続きを読む
matt72 11月 30日, 2023
Hello, I'm learning to code and work with web developers that can help me write code. We need to write custom code that will be used in a workflow. The code would take the contact in the workflow's phone number and check the CRM to see if their num 続きを読む
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1 コメント
12月 01日, 2023 14:28
Hey, @matt72 👋 Thanks for your question. If it were me, I'd start by making a simple list to scope out the pieces you'll need. One q...続きを読む
PElevar 11月 30日, 2023
Is it possible to automatically log emails to the website object? For context - when using the Hubspot Chrome Extension it's possible to automatically log emaisl to contacts, deals and companies. We use custom objects called websites, which don 続きを読む
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12月 01日, 2023 16:20
Hello @PElevar thank you for your reply! To our top experts @Josh @Teun any recommendations to @PElevar ? Thank you, Pam
christos_jubile 11月 30日, 2023
Hello I am using the below python function to fetch all contacts associated with a company def get_associated_contacts(access_token, company_id): url = f"https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/companies{company_id}/associations/contact" header 続きを読む
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