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tberneman on February 23, 2024
I'm using n8n and getting a list of all my users then gathering all the tasks for each user so that I can add them to our local SmarterMail server. As you can see in the screenshot I'm getting the Task info data on the right but none of the data on read more
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j_754 on February 23, 2024
properties = { "first_name": "bob", "last_name": "bobson" } body = { properties: properties } api_response = api_client.crm.contacts.basic_api.update(contact_id: 1, body: body) puts api_response "Property values were not valid" No matte read more
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SurveySparrow on February 23, 2024
Hello Community, We are having a usecase with hubspot, whenever an action occured in hubspot (for example, contact is created), we have an incoming webhook to our app and then process it to perform some action from our end and we use hubspot api for read more
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February 23, 2024 10:20
Because your app can get hit with an overwhelming number of webhook calls I have heard that most developers do not process them when they get the cal...read more
JDomazet on February 23, 2024
Hey I wanted to create Score-Properties with the Hubspot API . However, when I look at the Property-API-Documentation I see that there is no fieldType for score . So my question is: Is it possible to create Score-Properties via the read more
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February 23, 2024 13:11
Thanks, I see. Can you maybe offer information on how the in-app process creates them? There has to be way to mimic that or am I mistaken in my assum...read more
JGlasspool on February 23, 2024
Hi I am trying send form submissions through a Wordpress site to HubSpot forms API but nothing is getting through. Here is my code. Can you see any obvious errors in it: add_action( 'wpforms_process_complete', 'send_to_hubspot', 5, 4 ); read more
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February 23, 2024 10:23
Do you have the HubSpot tracking code installed on your WP site?
AProts on February 23, 2024
Hi, I need your help I send data from the form on the website to HubSpot - https://prnt.sc/OffY9XcH6FQN But on HubSpot the data comes in the form I created and another form is created - https://prnt.sc/cTDL6AKf2bFv How to make the data come o read more
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phuoctruong on February 23, 2024
I am developing a workflow using Dataops - customcode to add something from Hubspot ticket to Azure DevOps work item as a comment. Here is my script: from azure.devops.connection import Connection from msrest.authentication import BasicAuth read more
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Key Advisor | Elite Partner
February 23, 2024 09:31
Hey @phuoctruong , thank you for reaching out to the community. The importing of other packages doesn't work, unfortunately, as you noticed....read more
substr on February 22, 2024
I'm using the PHP API Client and following the examples here: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/contacts And trying these endpoints with their given example requests and values: POST /crm/v3/objects/contacts/batch/create POST /crm/ read more
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Community Manager
February 23, 2024 12:02
Hey, @substr 👋 Do you get the same result when you try these requests using Postman? I recreated your requests using the on-page PHP exa...read more
OceanLewis on February 22, 2024
Hey all! A teammate and I have been looking into using the Search API to iterate through records in cases where the Export API would be prohibitive. We're aware of three limits that impact iteration: Limit of 4 requests/second Results returne read more
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aidanh on February 22, 2024
Is it possible while utilising the MS Teams integration installed in the Hubspot Tenancy that a MS Teams meeting link can be automatically generated when creating a meeting via the API: POST /crm/v3/objects/meetings Obviously in th read more
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LeKevoid on February 22, 2024
Hi ! I'm doing aPython script that cross-checks one of our internal databases, and does a batch of creates and then a batch of updates on our exisitng Hubspot contacts. I'm having a hard time with the update part. Here's a (redacted) example of read more
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Accepted Solution
February 23, 2024 11:19
Replying to my own post. I got impatient and shamelessly reached out to support, and they were most helpful. So here's the answer for anyone else's b...read more
WGreene on February 22, 2024
I use this technique with the Single Send API. I have a template with some custom tags such as {{custom.messageBody}} . When I call the Single Send API I can pass dynamic values that are sustituted into the message. The Marketing Email API also m read more
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