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JamesR_INT 9月 21日, 2023
Hey all! I'm testing some of the possibilities of Serverless Functions and I've hit a wall on a particular test project. What I'd like to do is to create a form on the custom tab of the Company CRM and I've done that. One example is I have a form 続きを読む
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AdamReed51 9月 21日, 2023
I'm looking to retrieve a list of all deals and understand each deal stage (e.g. appointment scheduled, kickoff scheduled,... closed won/lost) and the date each transition happened. I have a list of 5k deals I need to pull this data for so the API 続きを読む
MSamuel8 9月 21日, 2023
Hi - We are trying to integrate our application with HubSpot Sales/CRM & CMS and had the below questions. Could you please check and respond? - We would like to allow the admins for each of our customers to setup their respective hubspot acc 続きを読む
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ah8 9月 21日, 2023
Hi, I am still a rather new developer, and am attempting to copy line items from a closed won deal to a pending renewal deal that was copied in a workflow from the closed won deal. I am receiving the following logs: INFO [INFO] Main function initi 続きを読む
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BobKh 9月 21日, 2023
Hello, I have a form that collects information and send it to iframe on the same page. I'm using onFormSubmitted callback and If the form set to redirect to another URL, fields are accessible, but when I switch to Display Thank you message, all 続きを読む
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nicole388 9月 21日, 2023
tl;dr - web developer saying we would need to host a web application on another site than HubSpot because there are limitations with Java. Is that true or are they unfamiliar with HubSpot (when they said they were 🤔 )? Our company is speakin 続きを読む
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SRodriguez23 9月 20日, 2023
Hi there, I've started to work with serverless functions, and I'm following some tutorials, but I can't work with @hubspot /api-client , Axios and the rest of the package works fine, does anyone know how to get this package to work? cheers 続きを読む
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ソートリーダー | Elite Partner
9月 21日, 2023 06:51
Hello @SRodriguez23 Please consider this documentation: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@hubspot/api-client https://developers.hubspot....続きを読む
jeremyProA 9月 20日, 2023
We have our customer service GMAIL connected to our inbox in Hubspot. Often, we get emails with PDF attachments, and our team wants the ability to search for specific things within the attachment. But Hubspot can only search for content in the email 続きを読む
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9月 21日, 2023 13:08
Hi, @jeremyProA 👋 You aren't missing a native option. I found several results for 3rd party tools when searching. I also found this in our Marke...続きを読む
adell 9月 20日, 2023
Hello, we're loading the livechat widget on our Ruby on Rails site and providing it with a valid email & token but the chats are not being associated to the existing Contact with a matching Email address. I've reviewed the main post suggested 続きを読む
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HarshBerlia 9月 20日, 2023
Hi, We are looking to integrate Payment Object on HubSpot to the Payment Object on QuickBooks. We are a SaaS platofrm which provides data integration & replication services. We have been planning to list our app on HubSpot at the same time. Loo 続きを読む
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9月 20日, 2023 23:28
Hi @HarshBerlia 👋 You might find this related community post useful: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Commerce-Tools/Will-there-be-an-API-f...続きを読む
Sam-A 9月 20日, 2023
Hi, I am trying to see if I can pull company reviews from a partner page into a HubDB table. This would be from either the company’s external marketplace page (clicking on a company from the HubSpot Solutions Directory - https://app-eu1.hubspot.co 続きを読む
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9月 21日, 2023 12:54
Hey, @Sam-A 👋 Thanks for the interesting question. There aren't any public marketplace endpoints to grab these types of details. It's definitely...続きを読む
Svenson 9月 20日, 2023
Hi, I want to syncronize an added note including attachments to a different tool. For this I would like to use a custom code action. But it is possible to grap the latest added note (and the related attachment) in the custom code to sent it to the 続きを読む
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9月 21日, 2023 05:36
Hi @zach_threadint , Perfect, Thanks 👌 Where can I find a documentation which properties I can use? I struggle everytime because I do not fi...続きを読む



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