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PavanM on May 30, 2023
How to get all engagements of all types(Calls,meetings, notes ......) of a particular deal sorted by recently created or updated time stamp?
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GianVentura on May 30, 2023
I am trying to integrate 2 hubspot forms on the same page but once I have filled in one form the second one seems not to work. In the console I have the POST call https://forms-eu1.hsforms.com/submissions/v3/public/submit/formsnext/multipart/ read more
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Stefan_PSV on May 30, 2023
Hello all, I'm developing a product registration bot for one of our clients. There are two use cases for the bot: 1. end customer registers his product 2. service partner registers the product for the end customer. 1st case works very well read more
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SBhavsar on May 29, 2023
Hello all, I have created a custom object and created a workflow so that whenever the object is updated, it will trigger the webhook and the payload will be received at the provided endpoint. But in the payload objectType is UNKNOWN. Like how when c read more
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
May 30, 2023 00:29
Hello @SBhavsar You may need to check the configuration of your custom object and ensure that it is properly registered and recognized by the sys...read more
EMarsili on May 29, 2023
Hello all, I am a developer and recently starting to use hubspot. Right now we use hubspot to create emails for our users. I know that to translate the emails we can use the integration with crowdin. But this integration creates a different file fo read more
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RRazote8 on May 28, 2023
Hi! We're having an issue currently with fetching data from HubSpot to our custom client reporting app via HubSpot's API. Just for context, we have one contact record associated to multiple company records, with the first associated company read more
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
May 29, 2023 19:41
Hi, @RRazote8 👋 Thanks for your question. The short answer is the endpoint you are using won't return all the associated contacts for a compan...read more
karien on May 28, 2023
is it possible to build a marketing email via API with a table and fields.
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Community Manager
May 29, 2023 19:49
Hey, @karien 👋 The Marketing Email endpoint can set the content of a marketing email but not create complex element like tables. You'll ...read more
DDutchyn on May 26, 2023
New to hubspot, having some issue with the "Thank you message or page redirect option" on the form. I want to Redirect to another page after a visitor submits the form. I want to add a link to another page on our website, but I want to pass read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
May 28, 2023 16:12
Hi, @DDutchyn 👋 You are correct, HubSpot's form redirect options do not support dynamic variables to be added in the redirect URL. Nor is this ...read more
Phwilson17 on May 26, 2023
I'm trying to use the retrieve ticket get request with /crm/v3/objects/tickets but noticed that it only returns a small amount of tickets at once and from oldest to newest. It does provide a link to get the next batch but I'd rather not have to make read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 28, 2023 15:59
Hey, @Phwilson17 👋 Thanks for your question! The short(ish) answer — To retrieve all tickets, you have to make multiple requests using t...read more
SPopi on May 26, 2023
I'm trying to use the Search API: /crm/v3/objects/deals/search along with this filter condition: (a || b) && (c || d) - where a, b, c, d are properties that have to be equal to some specific value. On the documentation page I found th read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
May 26, 2023 12:05
I can rewrite it as (a && c) || (a && d) || (b && c) || (b && d) but then, it will not be in limits: You can i...read more
SRitchot on May 26, 2023
Hi, I have been trying to send a replace file content request from my server (Node JS). I want to update the content of a json file, but I am getting a 400 error: Here's my code: const FormData = require ( 'form-data' ); var read more
1 upvote
3 Replies
Guide | Platinum Partner
May 29, 2023 08:05
Hi @SRitchot Yes, it is a problem. The 415 error means that the server is not able to understand the format of the data that you are trying to s...read more
tenzinc on May 26, 2023
Hello, I am looking for documentation on available field types for available types. When I read properties from HubSpot API, it shows ``` "type": "datetime", "fieldType": "calculation_read_time", ``` But I can't find this field type do read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Guide | Platinum Partner
May 28, 2023 10:28
Hi @tenzinc Yes, the calculation_read_time field type is a valid field type. It is used to store the time it takes for a calculation to be perfo...read more
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