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Abishek-d en May 26, 2024
Can you please share the API to get all the associations information of a particulat ticketId also please share v3 equivalent of the below api legacy API "/crm-associations/v1/associations/{ObjectId}/HUBSPOT_DEFINED/{associateTypeId}"
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1 Respuestas
Participante | Partner nivel Diamond
May 26, 2024 11:46
Hello @Abishek-d Using the v3 associations API, you can retrieve all Contact from a ticket with something like this: var client = new R...Leer más
Abishek-d en May 25, 2024
Today, we have a API to update a existing ticket with particular contact using ticketId, associateId and Contact Id API: /crm/v3/objects/tickets/{ticketId}/associations/contact/{contactId}/{associateTypeId} Method: PUT In the above api I can able Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Participante | Partner nivel Diamond
May 26, 2024 05:44
Hello @Abishek-d Did you try to associate the different objects with the associations API ? The batch endpoint (create) may solve your proble...Leer más
COtani en May 24, 2024
I'm using the single-send-api with a for loop but the for loop is not working as expected. I used the example in the documentation and added an additional custom property to show that the single custom properties at the main level works, but the arr Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
May 24, 2024 17:20
I found my error. It was in the documentation but I overlooked the note: I needed to add this to the template for it to work: isEnable...Leer más
DanJ en May 24, 2024
We are seeing " Limit calling-minutes-per-portal could not be found for portalId " when the user presses the Phone icon in the toolbar after installing our Calling Extensions SDK Integration. How do we set this limit?
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4 Respuestas
Colaborador líder
May 26, 2024 19:10
Please make use of this Help Center (hubspot.com) Regards
BBarany en May 24, 2024
Hi, I am doing an API call from Azure Data Factory, the goal is to retrieve the deals with specific properties, and associations. I can see that it works fine, the APi call retrieves the associations, but it is all labelled with "id" and "ty Leer más
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2 Respuestas
May 27, 2024 05:33
I am using the /crm/v3/objects/deals?limit=100&properties=dealname&associations=companies&archived=false To include just a test prop...Leer más
devphoenix en May 24, 2024
Hi team, Could you please help here. {{baseUrl}} /crm/v3/objects/contacts?associations=companies,deals in the response of this API, we are getting this... { "id": "101", "properties": { "createdate": "2023-07-24T08:53:58.795Z", "email": "go Leer más
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5 Respuestas
May 26, 2024 11:43
Thank you for the response, but I am not able to get the information I need. Could you please share the APIs with some examples? This would be very ...Leer más
Anya23 en May 24, 2024
When I send a request to the api, formatted as follows: https://api.hubapi.com/files/v3/files/search?parentFolderId=<myFolderId>&limit=100 I get the expected response, a list of files. However, when I add the after parameter as fol Leer más
Accepted Solution
Administrador de la comunidad
May 24, 2024 13:18
Hey, @Anya23 👋 Can you try a quick test with me? Make a request without the after value Set the limit to 1 to keep the response small ...Leer más
KCassidy8 en May 24, 2024
We need to know is any endpoint available for fetching contacts with branch id or branch name?
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1 Respuestas
Colaborador líder
May 24, 2024 11:12
Hi @KCassidy8 Storing branch information directly within a contact record is not a native capability. This can make it difficult to manage data...Leer más
IGonzález6 en May 24, 2024
We need to retrieve the deal Owners' information but we don't know if the owner is still active or not. The problem is that, by default the endpoint /crm/v3/owners/ just return archived = false users. So, if the owner is deactivated, it returns a 40 Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Colaborador líder
May 24, 2024 11:25
Hi @IGonzález6 Consider making two separate API calls to retrieve a comprehensive list of owners, including both active and archived ones. ...Leer más
COtani en May 23, 2024
I’m having some issues with the single send api: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/marketing/single-send-api This is the resonse error message: <Response [400]> {'status': 'error', 'message': 'Could not find email -- port Leer más
0 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Participante | Partner nivel Diamond
May 24, 2024 03:39
Hello! It is possible that your error is because you are providing the template ID and not an email ID. Try creating a new email using this te...Leer más
NGrimes en May 23, 2024
User enters email address when checking out. They click the subscribe to newsletter checkbox. I then sign them up to my newsletter via the api with the email address they have provided. Using Postman it all seems to go OK but I can't find any u Leer más
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7 Respuestas
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Diamond
May 24, 2024 17:36
Purely based on the docs, that is correct. You would need a contact record to subscribe or unsubscribe that contact. You can either use the form su...Leer más
LFDias en May 23, 2024
Hello HubSpot Friends, I am currently working on retrieving a conversation thread associated with a specific ticket using the HubSpot API. While I am able to get the conversation ID from the ticket associations, I am facing difficulties in findin Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Diamond
May 23, 2024 15:53
Hi @LFDias , If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to use the following endpoint: https://api.hubapi.com/conversations/v3/conversations/th...Leer más
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