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NParra 5月 31日, 2023
Hello there, Currently, I'm trying to create a custom action in the workflows of HubSpot. This action must be similar to the native Set property value action, which changes the third field depending on the type of property selected and 続きを読む
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jeff00seattle 5月 31日, 2023
Hello How can I report and track resolution? Zendesk? I have a blocker with the following API call to Get All Schemas , which returns only custom object schemas. GET /crm/v3/schemas https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/cr 続きを読む
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2 コメント
5月 31日, 2023 17:32
Hey, @jeff00seattle 👋 I am happy to look into this for you. I have a couple of questions, and then we can move forward as needed. Also, I'm goin...続きを読む
Bob2245 5月 31日, 2023
I'm aware there's other topics discussing this, but neither had a clear resolution to this problem. So my use case is: I want to create a CRM Card with an 'Assign to me' button for Tickets (since Hubspot's process of assigning a record to you 続きを読む
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ガイド役 | Diamond Partner
5月 31日, 2023 15:32
Hi @Bob2245 , When the CRM makes a data fetch request to display the the CRM card, one of the parameters that is passed along is userID: http...続きを読む
kgrondellcmx 5月 31日, 2023
We have an api connection that allows users to post content to their hubspot blog. When I test it on our blog everything is fine. When a particular user posts to their account it seems to ignore the image completely. We are passing use_featured_ima 続きを読む
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AKozhan 5月 31日, 2023
I am using crm/v3/objects/contacts?associations=deals api. It also returns associated deal array with contact. However, what is the max number of deals that the service can return? What happens if one of the contacts has 1500 deals?
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XiscaPericas 5月 31日, 2023
Hi Community, I'm doing a test trying to flow data from HubSpot into an AWS S3 folder. For that, I'm using AppFlow and following the instructions explained here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/appflow/latest/userguide/connectors-hubspot.html 続きを読む
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thies_servoy 5月 31日, 2023
We have an app that generates it's own registration page and form. On formsubmit (and mailconfirmation), the app sends new person via the API into hubspot. That's where I pick the contact up for onboarding. The problem is that this registration 続きを読む
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jessefeng 5月 31日, 2023
When I am in the pre-step to obtain the authentication token: to obtain the code parameter, i got code from the full url i copy the full url , choose jesse 02 account,and access in browser, my first time access is sucessful and return the cod 続きを読む
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rafaelappmax 5月 31日, 2023
"This contact was created from Direct traffic from unknown URL" My contact: I can't get the url, I need guidance. I'm using api v3 in php.
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5月 31日, 2023 15:11
I'm using the api to create contact. I don't have cookies or hs_context involved in my flow, what should I do in that case?
MNaufal 5月 31日, 2023
Currently, what I know to create parent children in batch is in this step 1. Create a batch companies, got all the hubspot id ( link ) 2. Create a batch associations, using from and to ( link ) This one I need to hit endpoint twice, also th 続きを読む
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SamSYL 5月 31日, 2023
Hi all, Are we able to create workflow triggers based of timeline events on a company record at all? We have developed our own app to record operational timeline events, and this makes sense to only apply to the company rather than associate 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
5月 31日, 2023 18:14
Hey, @SamSYL 👋 Thanks for your question. You are not missing an option. We can use the Automation API to create Custom Workflow Actions, but not...続きを読む
snorreks 5月 31日, 2023
I am trying to open a iframe dialog that will record screen, cam and microphone. Camera and microphone is working, but screen recording throws error: DOMException: Failed to execute 'getDisplayMedia' on 'MediaDevices': Access to the feature "display 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
5月 31日, 2023 09:08
Thanks for the quick reply @ himanshurauthan ! Let me clarify where we are embedding the iframe. We are using the CRM Cards through CRM Extensions A...続きを読む



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