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MOps on July 05, 2022
I've used the API to create new custom properties for the Deal object, but I'd like to have those fields show up in the default Create Deal form. Is that possible via the API? Basically, I want to do this, Set the properties that appear when read more
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SHarde on July 05, 2022
Hello, I'm a newbie to HubSpot and need to implement a usecase wherein I need to pull some data from a third party API in HubSpot and store the same in the HubDB in some custom table. Any leads on how this can be done would be really helpful to read more
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mitchuman on July 05, 2022
I have a custom-built component that essentially uses the API endpoint to send form submission. Form submissions come through but we get the following warnings about missing IP address and a cookie. Can you provide directions on which cookie setti read more
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ishields1 on July 05, 2022
We have added the chat bot to our website successfully however in Chrome if a user refreshes the page the history of the chat resets. This only appears to occur in Chrome and in Safari and Firefox the history persists accross page views. This appea read more
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July 05, 2022 10:01
Figured it out. Turns out for me this issue only happened on localhost and wasn't an issue for me on a real domain name.
STurbadkar4 on July 05, 2022
I wanted to delete bulk of records from custom objects. Do we have any API for it? can we filter data and delete all of them at once? or how can we delete multiple custom object records searched using hubspot search API?
Megh_Patel on July 05, 2022
I have a public app code running with OAuth methodology, it is successfully running locally. I wanted that code to be running as soon as the endpoint get hits, so I am trying to run that code in HubSpot serverless function. Moreover, I've us read more
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JBalanga on July 05, 2022
"The Search API endpoints are rate limited to four requests per second per authentication token." Is there a way to increase the rate limit? We saw the API Limit increase addon but this only increases the daily limit. Greetings, read more
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JLi3 on July 05, 2022
Hi Hubspot, When a user creates a deal on a contact, they can choose to add the contact's timeline events in the last 30 days to the deal. However, it doesn't look like timeline events created through the API can be added through this proces read more
PBurdzel on July 05, 2022
Hi. When I set the Activity assigned to field by the interface in the list it shows me the user assigned to the call. When I do this through the API it has a blank column. Although I can see through api that hubspot_owner_id has been assigned to the read more
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RRosario7 on July 04, 2022
Hi, I'm very new to the Hubspot API services, and have recently started testing some endpoints using Postman. I first tried retrieving contacts, and got a 200 response with no issue. All contacts were within the response as expected. The endpoint read more
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Hmarketting on July 04, 2022
Hi, Currently I'm using Hubspot API key. Now as per the migration doc , created new private app and scopes. To integrate this in PHP, couldn't find proper PHP example doc to start. Please provide PHP doc to migrate API key to accesstoken format. read more
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RPatrick7 on July 04, 2022
Hi, I am creating a custom object and I keep receiving an error message saying 'invalid primary display property'. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I clicked 'see all parmas' and I have over-written the default value to 'impact' but it read more
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