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hannahyockel on February 07, 2023
We noticed many contacts (10,000+) are being opted out multiple times on specific dates. Some dates correspond to email send dates, and some do not. The source is listed as Public API. Does anyone know what might be the issue, how to debug, or where read more
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JZawodny on February 07, 2023
Hello. I have a question if is that possible to fetch data (Array with job offers) from external API endpoint (from Strapi) and iterate throught this data to fill Hubspot (components) modules in landing page with every single item data. And how can read more
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AlbertMuñoz on February 07, 2023
Hello, i created a private app, and can access almost all object i need ( contacts, companies, deal, products, quotes ), but i cant access the timeline events, the response is 401 unauthorized, but im using the same api key. https://api.hubapi read more
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Astroraf on February 07, 2023
I am trying to get all the properties given by the tickets created by my company. Specifically, I am trying to get the status of the ticket, and the specific codes we used to identify agents in our company. My code goes as follows: Tick read more
mattwendzina on February 07, 2023
Hi, Is there a date/timeframe for when the new Forms API will become stable? According to the docs ( https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/marketing/forms ) they are still in Beta and just trying to work out whether it would be best to just go read more
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dmaurer on February 07, 2023
Objective Our company wants to ingest data from HubSpot into an on premise, centralized data repository so that data from HubSpot can be combined with other systems. Collection of data in a central location will allow the data team to create a read more
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APIANT1 on February 07, 2023
Are there plans to support the Property access setting via API?: If so, will it be possible to make a Property only editable via API?
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Community Manager
February 07, 2023 11:03
Hi, @APIANT1 . Thanks for reaching out. I can confirm this isn't a feature. If you have a moment, adding your suggestion to the Ideas Commun...read more
jomasjoao on February 07, 2023
Hey guys I need to check the scopes for a given apikey, I search for the API and didn't found anything about it. I would like to something the return this scopes that are enabled: When I want to access some endpoint that need this scopes, i read more
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3 Replies
Community Manager
February 07, 2023 13:27
Thanks for the link. I added an upvote to get this started. — Jaycee
Ayeskumar on February 07, 2023
I want to update my contact by email instead of by hubspot id, I tried to use “idProperty” : “email” but I cant get it to work. Can you please help. With single email its working fine but finding solutions for batch update requires . read more
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Rbenbrahim on February 07, 2023
hello I have embedded a chatbot on web page based on the Conversations API documentation. https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/conversations_api/hubspot-conversations-javascript-api it work fine the only issue is when the page is load on read more
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weiliang_lee on February 07, 2023
Is there anyway I can force the custom code to load a lower version than its current v8.0? const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client'); Right now whenever I do this above, it loads v8 and it is causing some issues. Cheers WL read more
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Top Contributor | Partner
February 07, 2023 22:54
@Jaycee_Lewis @weiliang_lee as fare as I know - only via package.json. But i'm not sure if you can access this file in the hubspot world.
ABenyamin on February 07, 2023
Hey, I'm trying to update a contact with an email that already exists in another contact. This should obviously fail, however recently this API started to return 202 for this requests. The contact itself didn't update as expected, but the valid re read more
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