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Webgas on February 01, 2023
Hello, we have a non hubspot form built with Fluent Forms conversational forms. Unfortunately, Hubspot doesn't recongize it as a form as it's developed on VUE and we are not able to retrieve the Web Analytics history of the users that are fillin i read more
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reddyarjun050 on February 01, 2023
{"status":"error","message":"couldn't find a matching item in NetSuite with the name or SKU TA","correlationId":"ed6e02b0-4a76-415e-bcd8-ec3169168a6a","context":{"lineItemSku":["TA"]},"category":"OBJECT_NOT_FOUND","subCategory":"CreateSalesOrderAuto read more
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RickTettSkyKick on February 01, 2023
When using the Dynamics 365 sync, if there are fields that we want to sync in both directions, how does the sync know which value is newest. Does it use the modifiedon date/time on each Dynamics record or is there a field specific way to determine w read more
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RickTettSkyKick on February 01, 2023
We have a field on the Contact record in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system to hold a HubSpot record id and we have an iframe on the Contact form that displays the HubSpot Contact using that HubSpot id. How can we map the HubSpot ID into the Dyna read more
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RickTettSkyKick on February 01, 2023
We have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM database with millions of Contacts, but we only want to sync a subset of them into HubSpot. We have configured the Sync Limit rules to include only those Contacts where fieldA and fieldB are empty. But there i read more
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jacjanowski on February 01, 2023
There are many posts on this without any solutions to them, so I thought I'd reach out and ask myself. Is there any way to disable these scripts from loading when I don't use forms, lead flows, etc.? I'm on my blog pages that only have a feature read more
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Nathan951 on February 01, 2023
We are tracking incoming phone calls generated from a site. Currently, a third party is tracking the customer's movement on-site & analytics... The Incoming calls from dynamic number insertion are created as leads via API. I currently attach som read more
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PBaxter on February 01, 2023
Hi all, Where can I get a list of HUBSPOT_DEFINED associationTypeIds, as used in this snippet. I'm trying to use something similar to this to create an association between a new note and a company both created in Zapier. "types" : [ read more
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Contributor | Elite Partner
February 01, 2023 13:31
Hi Phil, I believe this is what you are looking for: https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/crm-associations/crm-associations-overview
Travelnitch on February 01, 2023
We have used the Hubspot plugin for years. In recent weeks, whenever we try to work in Wordpress, the plugin shows the following error message: We have not changed or installed any security plugins that might cause it to be blocked. Our read more
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blamine81 on February 01, 2023
Hello, We have developed an app that extends the workflow action. We had certain order, then we added new actions and we want to re-order the actions (see attached screen). Unfortunately, even if we define them by order, when we de read more
GPommier on February 01, 2023
Hi everyone. I want to export in a CSV file some basic contact information: contact.first_name, contact.last_name, contact.email through Hubspot API (using sandbox account and a private app) using this endpoint POST /crm/v3/exports/export/a read more
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Community Manager
February 01, 2023 12:35
Hey, @GPommier 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Features in beta can be wonky at times. Thanks for flagging this. I get the same error when usin...read more
nina_pashinina on February 01, 2023
Hello, is it possible to get the list of dropdown values of user defined contact property field per API?
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Community Manager
February 01, 2023 18:01
Hi, @nina_pashinina 👋 You can use the Properties API to get this info. You'll need the internal value for your user-created property. Here's ...read more
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