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EddBrisley on May 23, 2024
Interesting one today! I've got a workflow with a custom code element which retrives the hs_timestamp value (in the format ' 2024-01-10T16:00:00Z'), and that all works fine. Up until about April, I was able to successfully copy this datet read more
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Abishek-d on May 23, 2024
Does HubSpot charge for the public app? Also, how many accounts can we connect to a particular public app? Is there any limitation on that?
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SShute on May 22, 2024
Hi, We use Reviews.io to collect reviews for our business and have a widget embedded into our webpages to display the reviews on our site. We also have a 'back to top of page' button on every page of our site. This button works properly on the d read more
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Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
May 23, 2024 05:11
Hi @SShute Can you please share the link to the site, where you are facing the issue? Thanks!
EOchoa7 on May 22, 2024
I want to be able to create tickets and contacts but I'm confused, as I can't find documentation for v4 and all I've found is for v3. v4 is not yet available in the CRM?
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Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
May 23, 2024 05:15
Hi @EOchoa7 v4 is available for associations as of now. You can use the v3 API to create tickets and contacts. For detail information you r...read more
camilleblaise on May 22, 2024
Hello everyone! We've been using Hubspot for some months now and the community already helped me few times - thanks again 🙂 Not sure if the post is in the right location - feel free to move it accordingly. We are creating a scenario read more
GFantozzi7 on May 22, 2024
Hello HubSpotters, I've been trying to add the HubSpot tracking code to our LMS, we use TalentLMS. I keep getting an error in TalentLMS, which is making me think I have to make changes to the script. Has anyone been able to get the HS tracki read more
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CBman on May 22, 2024
Hi folks, In an effort to see if the Events API may contain a way for me to get email events as well outside of the official email API, I wanted to see the data that comes from the Events V3 API. I keep getting this error despite clearing read more
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Abishek-d on May 22, 2024
Hi, I need to know if the public app that I create will follow the rate limit for my account or is it based on each user connecting to my app? From documentation its mentioned for private app. Is there any specfic details for public app
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Community Manager
May 22, 2024 15:34
Hey @Abishek-d 👋 Here's what the documentation states — “ Apps using OAuth For OAuth apps, each HubSpot account that installs your ap...read more
Neilnabar on May 22, 2024
Hi all, we have set up the cookie policy on our website using this HubSpot guide however we are still facing issues with the cookies granting consent without them being manually accepted. Attached image is testing the consent policies via GTM prev read more
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skerdi on May 22, 2024
Hello everyone, I tried to retrieve all workflows from the /automation/v3/workflows endpoint, but could only retrieve 1001 workflows. Is there a method to paginate the results? I attempted to use "limit" and "offset" as query parameters, b read more
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MOvs on May 22, 2024
Hello I want to update the batch of custom objects and create some new objects if they didn't exists. The problem is that I don't know which ones are already exists in HubSpot. When I try to POST to /crm/v3/objects/{obj}/batch/update full batch read more
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Cerwind on May 22, 2024
Hi, is there a webhook for feedback submissions? Right now I can't see it in the dropdown on the subscription panel? e.g. https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/webhooks#webhook-subscriptions
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Community Manager
May 22, 2024 20:01
Hey, @Cerwind 👋 Thanks for your question. You are not missing an option. The link you provided is our source of truth for available webhook su...read more
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